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The ExcellentExport.js library is having a lot of visits, from people coming directly to the page orredirected by search engines. So, I decided to update it.

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By on 21 Apr 2014
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I changed the blog comment system. Now powered by IntenseDebate.

Disqus was giving a lot of headaches. The comments were appearing on all the pages, mixed comments between articles, and they were supposed to be separated by article.


It just took 2 minutes to test the new commenting site ...

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I am creating a web application for writing. This is just the beginning and I am making some experiments.

I decided to use AngularJS for the interface, as it solves most of the problems of any web application interface. Templates, two-way data binding between template and code, easy REST actions ...

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By on 15 Feb 2014
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We all know how famous and viral went Flappy Bird. It is really hard to get a good score.

You can be playing for hours just getting crappy scores. That has ended.

Now you can fake your score with this app!!! Send the image to your friends, Twitter, Facebook, etc ...

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By on 13 Feb 2014
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As I have seen in other blogs, I wanted to have a reading time estimation on my articles.

I'm using Pelican as blog engine and it allows to write your own plugins to process articles and pages of your blog. It is developed using Python, check the code on ...

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By on 05 Feb 2014
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I always liked arcade games. Since I was a child and I did not have enough money to play all that I wanted. Also now that I can play all the games using emulators.

So I decided to make my own arcade game controller.

I made a controller for 2 ...

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By on 27 Jan 2014
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Some time ago, I was thinking about prime numbers and I found that it is possible to find prime numbers just with sums instead of divisions or remainders. As it was very simple approach, I thought that for sure, someone else found this solution already. And I was right, this ...

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By on 04 Jan 2014
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I would like to introduce you the Fast Discovery programming. It is based on the discovery on errors or failures as fast as possible to keep going on the good way to achieve the goals.

Fast Discovery, comes from the concepts like fail-fast or fail-early, but fail is not what ...

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By on 23 Dec 2013
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What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a new digital currency invented by "Satoshi Nakamoto", it is just a pseudonym. Do not wait to see his picture anywhere, or watch him on the TV.

It is a currency accepted on some on-line services and companies, just like USD are used on USA ...

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By on 18 Dec 2013
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Here are some useful tools for developing, investigating, web scraping... Mainly for Javascript and HTML.

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