Articles in the Programming category

26 sep 2017
ExcellentExport.js update: Javascript export to Excel and CSV
16 abr 2014
The smallest and easiest REST server in Python
15 feb 2014
Flappy Bird fake score generator in HTML5
13 feb 2014
My first Pelican plugin: readtime - Calculate the reading time of the articles
27 ene 2014
Python bitarray and Sieve of Eratosthenes
04 ene 2014
Fast Discovery programming
18 dic 2013
Javascrip and HTML online web tools
15 dic 2013
Easy start a Hadoop project with Maven
10 dic 2013
Big Data: Hadoop on a virtual machine, for the poor and lazy
06 dic 2013
Hadoop cluster with Vagrant
02 dic 2013
Big Data: Get the data
26 nov 2013
Javascript export to Excel
21 nov 2013
Download all project dependencies to a folder with Maven